Price Changes

Price Changes

  • Thursday, 2nd February, 2023
  • 20:25pm

At Oddblox, we have always taken pride in offering some of the lowest prices on the market. Furthermore, we have striven to keep those prices low despite the many uncertainties of the market.

We made a few changes to our pricing model:

  • Price Increases. The worldwide inflationary situation has had a direct effect on our operating cost, which forces us to adapt the price of our services to this new reality. As a result, all service plans have increased in price from $1.25 per GB of RAM, to $1.50, about 17% increase. If you have a service with us from before February 01, these adjustments will NOT be applied to your current service - meaning you will have the same $1.25 rate as long as you keep your service with us.
  • The 2GB Plan is free again, temporarily. One per customer. This makes the perfect opportunity to try out our services!
  • Gateway Fees removed. We're making this change to simplify the clunky billing system, stop the overpayment and underpayment errors, and improve compliance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued trust over the years.

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