Downtime USA Locations

Downtime USA Locations

  • Wednesday, 17th August, 2022
  • 02:33am

Dear Customers,


Thank you so much for choosing Oddblox Hosting as your preferred game hosting provider! 


Our mission is to provide high-availability, high-reliability hosting services at a low cost – to anyone. Unfortunately, at this time we have been unable to meet that promise, due to a critical vulnerability found in our upstream provider’s hosting system on US-1 and US-2. This has required them to shut down all services currently on the USA provider, including our servers, to switch to another, more reliable and secure system.


Rest assured, all of your data is safe. Due to the diligence of our Data Security and Client Services team, we have kept up with our daily backup schedule and communicated with the upstream provider to obtain a copy of the entire host machine right after the system was shut down for the emergency maintenance. 


On a more positive note, the new system is much more efficient at utilizing resources and thus you may see an increase in the performance of your game servers, as well as fewer outages due to the higher reliability of the new system.


This situation is rapidly evolving, so we have made it our responsibility to keep you updated as soon as we get updated by our upstream hosting provider. 


We are extremely sorry for the inconveniences which you may have experienced, so we will be offering you 2 months worth of account credits. Please create a support ticket with the subject "US-Outage" to redeem this, select 'Downtime Credit' in the subject and/or mention that you would like the free credits for the recent downtime. This is only applicable to US customers.


Furthermore, we have received an offer from our hosting provider for customers with strict uptime requirements to get their server reinstated on their infrastructure for a short amount of time. If you are interested, please create a ticket with the subject "US-Outage", and mention that you want to be moved to the temporary infrastructure. This will use the Pterodactyl panel.

For either of the above requests, please submit a ticket at:


Please also note that you may check the status of our services at any time through to check when the maintenance ends, and manage your services through our client portal, located on, and console, located on


Again, thank you for choosing Oddblox Hosting. Be sure to stay safe and healthy during these trying times.


Andrew B

Chief Executive Officer

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