New Oddblox Panel

New Oddblox Panel

  • Sunday, 8th January, 2023
  • 03:54am

On January 11th through the 12th, we will be moving all customers away from Multicraft, to WISP panel.

Please expect a few minutes of downtime on your server within two days of the transfer.

We will post another update on the day the migration is complete and a link to the new panel will be emailed to you. In the meantime, we'll add more information to our knowledgebase and provide any post-migration support you might need.

Features of this new panel include

  • Different design with larger elements
  • New Console that's more responsive and easy to read
  • Better Plugin Installer
  • Modpack Installer
  • Better in-browser File Manager with Search feature
  • File Manager can extract huge files without timing out
  • Requires SFTP instead of the less secure FTP(S)



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