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1. Getting Started

Welcome to Oddblox! Once you've signed up, your Minecraft server will automatically be setup and started.

Check your email inbox for the New Minecraft Server email containing your server information.

In Minecraft, you'll be able to connect to your server using the server address you've been assigned.

2. Control Panel

You can log in to the control panel at

You can find documentation for using the control panel at the on the Multicraft end user documenation website

3. Custom Server Address

Want to use your own domain with our services, or are looking for information on how to connect to your server without a port number?

Please take a look at our guide on creating a custom server address for help getting started with DNS

4. Explore our Knowledgebase

We have a number of articles basic server managementtroubleshooting and DNS.

If you're new to running a Minecraft server, we recommend you read through our knowledgebase to get up to speed.

5. Support

Need help? Just have a quick question? We'll be happy to help out! We offer support both via Tickets and Live Chat.

To get started, head over to our support page

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