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Does Oddblox support BungeeCord Servers? Yes. BungeeCord is a Minecraft server that acts as a hub between multiple servers that it... Does Oddblox support non-vanilla servers? Yes. You are free you use custom server JARs, including, but not limited to: Spigot... Getting Started - Minecraft 1. Getting StartedWelcome to Oddblox! Once you've signed up, your Minecraft server will... Getting started with FTP We recommend using FileZilla. FileZilla works on multiple platforms and is completely free.1.... Helpful Plugins These are some recommended plugins, you can use them for free for your server. Hibernation, to... How to grant other users access to your Minecraft Server in Multicraft (subusers) If you want to create subusers (give others access to manage your server through our control... How to setup mod packs on your server Below you can find a overviewThis will show you how to setup a mod pack on your Minecraft server.... Installing Plugins PrerequisitesBefore attempting to install please ensure that: Your server is running Spigot,... Installing custom server JARs Please note that developer and beta builds of Bukkit and Spigot can sometimes have critical bugs... Setting up a CNAME record with CloudFlare Setting up a CNAME record with NameCheap For this tutorial, we'll be managing DNS settings with NameCheap.We only recommend following this... Setting up a SRV record with CloudFlare For this tutorial, we'll be managing DNS settings via Cloudflare. The settings shouldn't differ... Setting up a custom server address If you'd like to create a custom subdomain name to connect to your Minecraft server, you can use... Taking a screenshot On occasion, a member of support will ask you to take a screenshot of an issue you are... Troubleshooting Lag Timings ReportBukkit and Spigot servers can perform a timings report to find exactly which events... Uploading an existing map to your server To upload an existing map to your server, you need to use FTP. If you’re unfamiliar with FTP,... Where are the Oddblox servers located? Montréal, Canada. Paris, France.   Server Continent Country State City...
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