How is CPU usage unlimited?

How is CPU usage unlimited? Print

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CPU is shared, but un-throttled!

In our opinion, unrestricted fair usage provides our customers with better performance and better value. That is why we have designed our entire line up around it.

As such, CPU usage is completely unrestricted. There is no CPU lock and performance can be maximized even in times of burst.

With our fair usage approach, the Oddblox team takes responsibility for monitoring and regulating nodes. Please note that we may temporarily begin throttling CPU on any customer that is utilizing too much processing power from third-party software, such as malicious server plugins.

And as always, you can always check the resource usage on our nodes on our Status Page. Transparency is key, and we are here to answer any questions you might have beyond this explanation. Just reach out!

Some questions you might have for a host offering Unlimited CPU?

  • Does a physical core or thread make up 1 CPU?

    A server with 8 physical cores, has 16 threads which gives 1600% CPU usage in the industries commonly used Game Panel. A server with 4 physical cores has 8 threads of 800% CPU usage. 1 full core would be 200% with hyperthreading enabled.

  • Is my CPU allocation truly un-throttled?


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