Installing custom server JARs

Installing custom server JARs Print

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Please note that developer and beta builds of Bukkit and Spigot can sometimes have critical bugs that may corrupt your world, crash the server or cause other detrimental effects.

In addition, plugins for bleeding edge builds may not be compatible or may also lead to world corruption or server crashes.
It is your responsibility to ensure your server jar doesn't compromise the integrity of your map, server or server instance.

1. Acquire the server jar you wish to use.

Please rename your jar to whatever it says under "JAR File", according to the runtime you selected, such as GraalVM. Keeping the jar file the same name will allow Multicraft to launch the server with our optimized settings and will result in better performance.

 Stop your server in the Multicraft control panel.

3. In the jar dropdown, select your runtime environment. Take note of the name of the jar file for this - it should have a .jar file extension.

4. Save your Multicraft settings.

5. Upload the server jar to the jar directory in your server via FTP, and be sure to replace the jar file that already exists, with the new file with same name. If you are unfamiliar with FTP you can consult our guide on getting started with FTP here.

6. Start your server.

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